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The Flex XCE 8 125 18.0 Set is a dual-action polisher designed with the same quality and power of other Flex units, but without a cord! That's right, no more fighting with the cord, getting it stuck between tires, or not having enough length to reach certain areas of the vehicle. The XCE 8 125 features a gear-driven, 8 mm orbit to blast away imperfections (i.e. swirls, scratches, RIDS, holograms, etc.). The 8mm throw allows you to quickly perfect large flat panels, while not being too large to safely and easily correct those tighter areas around your vehicle. The 18 V batteries power OPMs from 4,600 to 7,600 for 45 minutes. The set comes with two batteries, which take approximately 40 minutes to fully charge, so swap out the battery you were using with the charged battery to keep on polishing. The LED battery display lets you know how much juice you have left, allowing you to swap out exactly when needed. Best yet, no more fighting with the cord, getting the cord stuck under your tires, having the cord not be long enough, etc.

Flex XCE 125 18.0 Cordless Polisher

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