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The Rupes BigFoot Random Orbital Polishers are the perfect buffer for any detailing enthusiast or professional! They offer an incredible balance of power, safety and performance that everyone can benefit from. The random orbital movement of these buffers allows you to achieve professional polishing results in less overall polishing time. What previously may have taken several sets of passes can now be done in just one to two sets of passes. The motor is powerful enough that you will never have to worry about bogging down when correcting heavier imperfections, swirls, scratches, etc. Even with the powerful motor this buffer is extremely easy to use. Beginners will be able to pick up this buffer, feel comfortable and achieve significant correction if desired. This immediate comfort comes from three important safety features: soft start, anti-spinning feature, and electronic feedback control. The soft start feature will guarantee a soft acceleration when you squeeze the trigger, while the electronic feedback control will maintain a constant speed while polishing. Once you reach higher speeds the anti-spinning feature will help prevent holograms and burning that can come from high speed buffer rotations. Another great feature of these buffers is that the backing plates come built in and feels solid, so it will never come flying off!

Rupes Big Foot LHR15 ES Random Orbital Polisher

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