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An Extensive Interior & Exterior Treatment

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Our Most Popular Package

Our Combination Detail Treatment is our most popular package for those seeking a very thorough exterior/interior cleaning.  This treatment includes our very popular Exterior Detail Treatment and also includes a very extensive vacuum cleaning, cleaning of all glass, two step interior wipe down and cleaning of vinyl or rubber floor mats. Recommended as a quarterly or bi-annual treatment, the Combination Detail treatment is a good choice for those who seek a basic but very high quality inside and out detail, designed to enable you to recapture the enthusiasm and excitement of being a new car owner.  This is a perfect choice for returning customers who seek a low maintenance treatment schedule or those looking to sell a car. 


Treatment Includes


  • Extensive Vacuum Cleaning: includes cleaning & dusting of all cracks & crevices using a HEPA filter vacuum which not only removes large particles, but also removes potentially harmful micro-particles that are floating around in the air

  • Wipe Interior: Two step process on ALL interior surfaces

  • Cleaning of all glass/mirrors

  • Cleaning of rubber/vinyl floor mats

  • All equipment is sterized and disifected after every use to minimize the transfer of germs and bacteria from car to car

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Excessive waterspot, sand, grass or pet hair removal subject to an additional charge
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