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  • Minimal Maintenance

  • Easier to Clean

  • Protect from Ultra Violet Rays

  • Protect from Chemical Stains

  • Protect from Etching

  • Enhance Gloss

  • Makes Paint More Resilient

  • Resists Waterspots and Mud

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Enhance gloss &
add protection

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Improved Hydrophobic Properties: This is the ability to repel water, liquids, mud, dirt, and other light debris. Like water off a duck’s back, hydrophobic coatings assist in dirt, debris, and moisture running off easily.

Protection for UV Light: Our Hawai'i sun is awesome for providing warmth and allowing life to thrive. It’s not so helpful on every part of your vehicle. UV rays penetrate clear coats on paint and lead to paint fading, stimulating oxidation, which ultimately results in corrosion and the development of rust. A Professional Coating application on paint blocks UV from causing this type of damage.

Protection Against Chemicals and Animal Byproducts: Chemical agents such as salt and acids found in animal waste (like bird droppings and bug splatters) can also cause damage to car parts. A coating’s ultra-slick surface blocks these contaminants from penetrating to the base finish.

Improved Luster and Shine: When a coating cures, it’s basically a microscopic and strong layer of glass. This amplifies the shine and luster of paint, makes matte finishes on plastic trim appear deep and rich, and allows alloy and chrome wheels to pop.

Simplifies Cleaning: Arguably the best feature of a coating is the non-stick properties, making it harder for dirt to stick and easier to remove. This acts as a self-cleaning property, as wind produced while driving simply blows away contaminants – keeping the vehicle cleaner for longer periods. You can also apply it to your wheels and brake calipers, which makes it easier for clean-up.

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CERAMIC COATINGS:   starting at $500


When you have our Private Label Coating applied by our certified professionals, the entire process is controlled for optimal results. From the customized prep work based on your specific vehicle, to the application, curing, and aftercare – you simply remove the variables that impact the longevity and durability of the coating.

The formulation of our coating is simply stronger than any DIY coating. The higher percentage of SiO2 and other proprietary ingredients provides a much stronger bond to the surface where it’s applied. This means enhanced product qualities like hydrophobic properties, shine, and most important – protection against the elements.

One size does not fit all with a ceramic coating. While many DIY brands claim to “work” on multiple surfaces, their formulations do not produce equal results on different surface types.  AAS Private Label coatings are customized for specific materials and applications including paint, glass, vinyl wraps, paint protection film, and for different applications – including industrial or marine applications.


CERAMIC BRONZE:  1 Year Warranty $500

CERAMIC SILVER:  3 Year Warranty $800

CERAMIC GOLD:  5 Year Warranty $1000

CERAMIC PLATINUM:  7 Year Warranty $1500

Annual Refresher Application:  starting at $200

WHEEL COATING: (1-2 Year Warranty)

Wheel Face Only: $100

Face & Back of Wheel: $200



Larger sized vehicles subject to additional charge


GRAPHENE COATINGS:  starting at $1700

Graphene is the strongest material in the world, rated 100 times stronger than the strongest steel. Graphene is a carbon-based allotrope that is one atom thick. The allotrope is arranged in a honeycomb structure that while extremely strong, maintains flexibility and does so by being the thinnest material available on the market today. Graphene reduces heat of the surface of your paint. Due to this, as well as the high water contact angle, the surface will not be subject to water spotting. Many find with ceramic coatings spotting can occur if water beads in direct sunlight. This is due to the fact ceramics retain heat, while graphene reduces it. Due to the honeycomb structure with a tight molecular composition and little resistance, anti-static properties are high. The coating will actually repel dust, debris, and reduce the likelihood of marring.


7 Year Warranty:  $1700

Annual Refresher Application:  starting at $200

Larger sized vehicles subject to additional charge




Work with our ceramic coating experts to choose the right ceramic coating plan that works for you



Once you've approved your plan your coating installation will be scheduled



Our Master Installers will take great care of your vehicle. The average installation is 24 hours

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Two years later, our Mercedes Benz still looks better than the day we picked it up from the dealer.  We recently took our E Class in for service and even the service writer couldn't believe that our paint looks better than those on the dealership floor.  My response?  We have been telling all of our friends and family to call Automotive Appearance Specialists, you won't regret it.

Heidi Young

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