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  • Do you apply ceramic coatings?
    We apply ceramic and graphene coatings, we also provide refresher services to any coating that has been initially applied by an AAS certified technician. Click HERE to view more information regarding our award winning coating services.
  • How long does a coating application last?  Does it last forever?
    Each coating application carries its own unique manufacturers warranty. They range from 1-9 years with each passing year requiring an annual refresher application. Currently, there are no coatings that we know of that lasts "forever". Maintenance is always key and this definitely applies to the world of ceramic coating as well. For more coating information, please click HERE
  • How do I maintain my coating?
    Maintaining your coating application is simple. A monthly hand car wash is highly recommended. Proper maintenance of a coated surface will increase the life of your coating along once a year coating refresher. Kindly call us to make an appointment for car washes or refresher service.
  • Another detailer applied our coating, are you able to provide a refresher or do I need to return to the same detailer?"
    Each coating company manufactures their product in very unique ways. As a result, mixing brands is not the best idea and may result if adhesion issues which will definitely affect the application warranties. It would always be best to return to the same applicator or strip the coating off and start from a frest slate with a different brand. Click HERE for more information
  • What are your thoughts on ceramic coatings?
    We are believers in what a high level coating will do to protect your car, however, there is the misconception that once a vehicle is coated that's it...nothing needs to be done ever again. That is false, maintenance is always key and a proper coating refresher is what will prolong the life span of your coating. For those on a budget, we do offer Maintenance Programs suited to each individuals needs
  • What is the difference between a ceramic and graphene coating besides the price?
    CERAMIC: Succumbs to water spots, Retains heat on car paint, normal water contact angle, only a few quartz-based formulas are anti-static, not as flexible as graphene, fragill when compared to graphene, treatments cost between $300-1500 : Water spot resistant, Reduces heat on car paint, High water contact angle, inherent properties make it anti-static, highly flexible due to its one-atom compostition, unbeatable tensile strength, treatments cost between $800-$2000 There is a significant difference between the two coatings but we always suggest to purchase within your budget. We take pride in making both applications worth your while and remain within a friendly budget
  • Do I need a garage to have my car coated?
    We are able choose from a select list of wholesalers who have products that are clearly proven in the industry today. We choose the BEST from each manufacturer and depending on your coating desires, each product requires a different application process and curing time. Many products require a 24 hour curing time protected from all elements and if this is a product that we choose to apply to your vehicle, a garage will be needed during the curing process.
  • Do you provide coating for wheels and glass?
    We provide services which allow us to coat paint, wheels, glass, carpet and fabric. Technology has allowed coating manufacturers to create products to protect every part of your car except the driver. :) You can find out more about prices by clicking HERE
  • Since you represent many brands of coating, do we get to choose which brand we would like?"
    Your input is always welcomed, prior to coating a vehicle an initial estimate would be given along with our suggestion of product. This decision is always made based on what your vehicle needs in order to maintain our high level of standard. Our clients are always a part of the decision and transparency is an important part of them having a peace of mind. Coatings are not cheap and making it well worth the investment is very important to AAS!
  • My car is brand new, why do I need to have the additional paint correction procedure done before my ceramic coating application?"
    Contrary to popular belief, vehicles that roll directly off the showroom floor are not always prepped in the right way. A dealer prep will most likely include removal of all adhesive during a process called a PDI (Prep, Deliver, Inspect). During this PDI, the dealers main concern is to quickly prep, quickly deliver and quickly inspect. As a result, your brand new car normally gets delivered with extreme amounts of fallout that the human eye can't see. Coatings won't adhere properly to damaged or contaminated surfaces well and will this affect your warranty.
  • Is there such a thing as a fabric coating for my interior?
    Yes, we do offer fabric and carpet coatings with prices varying depending on your vehicle make and model
  • How do I book an appointment?
    Typically we book in advance via phone or email, text messages preferred. The normal booking time is roughly 10-14 days is advance with our normal business hours being 7am-5pm daily
  • What forms of payment to to accept?
    We accept Cash, Credit/Debit Cards, Pay Pal, Venmo, Apple Pay and Android Pay
  • What areas do you service?
    We staff multiple certified specialists who service the entire island of Oahu
  • Do you sell gift cards?
    Yes, we sell both e-gift cards as well as the traditional hard plastic gift cards that have our company logo on its front. If selecting an e-gift card, you are able to choose the design on front that you desire. All gift cards are non-refundable with all sales final. Click HERE to order you gift card today!
  • How do I purchase a gift card?
    Plastic gift cards may be purchased in person or over the phone (Credit Cards, Venmo, Pay Pal). There is a shipping fee of $5 for cards sent via USPS. E-gift cards may be purchased online by clicking HERE
  • Do your gift cards have an expiration date?
    Gift cards do not expire however they are non-refundable and may only be redeemed for AAS services offered
  • Am I able to get gift cards sent to me in the mail?
    Yes, we gladly send our gift cards via the USPS. There will a small shipping charge of $5 added on to your total charge. We accept all major credit cards, debit cards, Pay Pal and Venmo to make your purchase a truly non-contact experience. Once your payment has cleared, your gift cards will be sent in the mail the same day. Click HERE for more information
  • How can I check my gift card balance?
    Each gift card has a serial number and by entering it HERE, you will be able to immediately gain access to your remaining balance
  • Is there only one design of gift card?
    We offer one style of plastic gift card with our logo on the front that comes with a matching envelope and business card with information to our website. We also offer multiple styles for any occasion buy purchasing our e-gift cards. We also offer an assortment of seasonal envelopes perfect for any occasion at any time of the year!
  • I already have a gift card, am I able to reload the card annually?"
    Yes, you are able to reload the balance on each card whenever you would like. On occasion, we offer bulk discounts with massive savings. That is normally when clients would reload their cards saving them money along the way!
  • What forms of payment do you accept?
    We gladly accept Cash, Credit/Debit Cards, Pay Pal, Venmo, Android Pay and Apple Pay. Sorry checks are no longer accepted
  • Is tipping required?
    Like with any other service industry, tips are greatly appreciated and is left to your discretion. All tips are shared by crew members who were directly servicing your vehicle
  • Do you offer cash discounts?
    No, sorry we do not offer cash discounts. Each purchase is reconciled in the same manner for all of our taxable income. In other words, we still claim taxes on our cash receipts.
  • Are you able to bill me later?
    Sorry, we do not provide billing services, all payments must be made promptly at the conclusion of services provided
  • Do you require a deposit to reserve an appointment?
    No we do not require a deposit to reserve a time slot with us. We do, however, require a deposit for large sized projects (Concours Package) that will require us to isolate entire days at a time for you or when a job requires us to order large sized quanties of product in advance
  • Are we able to keep a credit card on file with you for future purchases?
    Yes, we are able to securely keep your confidential financial informatin on file for future use with your subsequent approval
  • If we pay for an entire year in advance is there a discounted price?
    Yes, we offer a VIP Program that would be perfectly suited for your needs.
  • What's your most popular package?
    Our two most popular packages are the Exterior Detail and the Combination Package. The Combo Package is the package that gets the vehicle well prepared to qualify for our Maintenance Program. This annual program assures that your vehicle will look and feel brand new all year round
  • How long does each procedure take?
    Each vehicle will take a different amount of time depending on its size, overall condition and selected package. For example, a Mini Cooper would take roughly 4 hours to complete our Combinaion Package whille the same package may take up to 6 hours on a Range Rover SUV. To view our list of services and estimated times involved to complete each service, click HERE
  • Do you require a shaded area to detail our car?
    We don't normally require a covered spot to provide our services. However, there are select situations where we need the surface of your vehicle to be cool and a shaded area would be best. Situations like water spot removal, oxidation removal, ceramic or graphene coating applications, coating refreshers all require a covered work area. If one cannot be provided, we may be able to secure an location near you at an additional charge on a case by case situation.
  • I park on the street, are you able to detail my car on the street fronting my house?"
    Unfortunately, Hawai'i law makes it illegal to do business on the street without proper permitting. It is also illegal to have our water discharged directly on to the street as a business service. Besides those two legality issues, we also have the safety hazard of working on a busy street with doors open and puts our staff in serious jeapardy of injury.
  • Do you ever service cars off island?
    While our primary areas of service are on Oahu, we frequently service the island of Maui as well. We also attend car shows on the continental US on occasion, the last of which was to provide our services at the world reknown Hilton Head Concours d'Elegance in South Carolina
  • What do you need from me while detailing my car?
    We require an electrical outlet and water source. Shade is not required unless a correction procedure is being performed (water spot removal, oxidation removal, etc) or during a coating application treatment. We kindly ask that the work area is not on a steep inclined surface and that all doors are able to fully open to allow our technicians easiest access to all available areas. Additional charges will occur if the area is not suitble to our service needs
  • Do you charge a mobile fee for your services?
    We normally do not charge a mobile fee. Instead we try to schedule all of our jobs in certains areas at the same time to allow our work crews an easier time to help at another job site. As a result, we may only be in your area on specific days depending on prior scheduling
  • I have major water spots on the paint and windows of my car, is this something that detailing can fix?"
    In most cases, hard water spots are able to be removed at additional fees. There are different levels of damages and prior to each job our trained professionals will evaluate the damaged surfaces in order to give you a precise estimate of cost. You may also send us text messages or an email including pictures of the damaged areas from different angles. This will aid in our estimate process. A shaded area is required for removal of severly damaged areas and the time spent is dependant on the overall severity of the problem areas.
  • Do you handle fleet vehicles?
    Given advance notice and with ample time to plan a detail strategy with the client, we welcome fleet vehicles! An initial meeting would be set up to plan the best way to keep all vehicles cleaned, keeping our clients happy is most important so your input in vital. After all, when your cars are clean that's our best form of advertising out on the roads on a daily basis!
  • What is a car detailing and how does it differ from a car wash?
    Professional car detailing is the art and the craft of cleaning and restoring a vehicle to like-new condition. Car detailing services are much more precise and labor-intensive than getting a car wash. A car wash is normally an automated system that a car passes through to clean the exterior. Professional detailing includes a correction process that will help keep your car looking brand new for many years to come. A complete list of our prices and services may be found HERE
  • Do you charge a mobile fees for your services?
    We normally do not charge a mobile fee. Instead we try to schedule all of our jobs in certains areas at the same time to allow our work crews an easier time to help at another job site. As a result, we may only be in your area on specific days depending on prior scheduling. A complete list of prices and services may be found HERE
  • What do you need from me while detailing my car?
    We require an electrical outlet and water source. Shade is not required unless a correction procedure is being performed (water spot removal, oxidation removal, etc) or during a coating application treatment. We kindly ask that the work area is not on a steep inclined surface and that all doors are able to fully open to allow our technicians easiest access to all available areas. Additional charges will occur if the area is not suitble to our service needs. No smile is required beforehand, it's our duty to put a smile on your face at the completion of each job :)
  • I am interested in gaining employment at your company, learn from the best. What is the hiring process like?"
    We actively seek individuals who take pride in their work, have an avid interest in luxury and exotic cars and who work well with a team. Part and Full Time positions are available and the application process begins by contacting us HERE We provide company uniforms, transportation and/or fuel stipends upon completion of 6-month probationary period. During the application process, all prospects are required to pass a complete background check and are subject to a random drug/alcohol testing. We are an Equal Opportunity Employer
  • Do I need to be home while you are detailing my car?
    Meeting in person on the first visit is important to us, this gives us an opportunity to meet and greet and to also gain insight in to what your goals are for your vehicle. Together, we will be able to figure out the best plan of attack during the initial treatment and also gain clarity into what future maintenance programs would fit your vehicle best. Each appointment thereafter would not require you to remain home, letting us know where the keys will be hidden and where/how you will be paying can all be done via text messages or email.
  • After getting my car buffed, is it okay to run my car through an automated car wash as weekly maintenance before my next buffing package?"
    Automated car washes are not recommended ever. There are many car washes that use abrasive bristles, toxic acids or towels that only get washed once per day at best. In our belief, there is a reason those services are so cheap, you are paying for convenience and a quick wash which will never equate to a luxury wash done the right way. You get what you pay for and investing in your luxury vehicle is what we are here to do!
  • What are your hours of operation?
    Everything is scheduled by appointment only, we take our first appointment at 7am each day and finish our last job by 5pm 7 days a week. We take a few holidays off, New Years Day, Easter, Memorial Day, Fourth of July, Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day
  • Do you offer any type of discounts?
    The only discount that we offer is a VIP Member service that is pre-discounted. A customer will pre-pay for multiple visits and will be given a VIP gift card that will be used for future purchases. VIP card may be used to services rendered but may not be used to purchase additional gift cards. We offer three different member levels based on your need, Bronze, Silver, Gold. Check out our discounted pricing plans HERE
  • How far in advance do I need to book an appointment?
    We normally book about 10-14 days in advance, we also maintain an active wait list and will fill in available time slots accordingly.
  • Do any of your staff speak Filipino?
    We are blessed to have staff members who not only speak Filipino but Samoan, Japanese, Korean and Chinese languages as well!
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