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It's all about the maintenance

Our  Maintenance treatments represent the finest in auto care and will protect your investment with the highest quality products specially designed to create a barrier between Hawaii's harsh environmental elements such as UV rays and micro pollutants that will cause your paint to fade and oxidize.

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Once an AAS crew member has detailed your vehicle, we recommend that you take advantage of one of our Maintenance treatment programs that will allow you to maintain a professional detailed finish all year round. 

Based on your car usage and undoubtedly busy lifestyle, an AAS member will suggest an optimum frequency for detailing your vehicle to ensure your car looks and feels brand new at all times.

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Porsche Cayenne S

You may choose between weekly, monthly or quarterly visits.  Majority of our loyal clientele select a continual monthly plan. 

WEEKLY MAINTENANCE DETAIL: (S: $60, M: $70, L: $80, XL: $90+)
MONTHLY MAINTENANCE DETAIL: (S: $80, M: $90, L: $100, XL: $110+)


Excessive water spot removal subject to an additional charge

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