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The BLO Car Dryer AIR GT is a powerful dryer that will help remove standing water from the surface of your vehicle safely and quickly! Featuring twin in-line motors you get 8HP to blast water from your paint, glass, trim, wheels, mirrors, crevices and more! With this much power you'll dry your vehicle much faster than generic blowers or low powered battery units. It is ideal for cars, bikes, boats and anything you need to dry fast. It filters the air and heats it up to 30 degrees above ambient air temperature, to provide optimal drying conditions. AIR GT will push out over 64,000 FPM at peak power and comes with a fully variable power dial, so you can control this power and turn it down if needed for smaller or more delicate areas. For example, if you are cleaning out the interior and just want to dislodge some dust in vents, instrument clusters, seams, etc. you may only want to use 50% power.

The high quality hose is another huge plus for this unit! It starts off relatively compact for easy storage but when you turn the blower on the hose instantly expands and measures 26 feet long. The long hose and high quality swivel wheels help you work around cars, trucks, motorcycles, boats, etc. If you accidentally hit your vehicle with the nozzle tip don't worry because the tip is coated with super soft rubber to protect your paint and other sensitive areas. The BLO Car Dryer AIR GT is an incredible tool that will make you fall in love with drying your vehicle quickly and easily!

Blo Car Dryer Air GT

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