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Fortador's company philosophy is to create effective solutions, without any shortcuts. This is shown with one simple logo and word on the side of these machines, Lamborghini! The power of these super automobiles is locked into a steam cleaner, allowing you to tackle incredibly difficult cleaning jobs, with much less effort. The key to the cleaning is in the 16 Bars or 232 PSI pressure, independent ejection of two hot detergents, joined with steam at the heart of the steam cleaner. This allows for simultaneous steam cleaning, using a Lamborghini motor, with all Fortador models. Contamination in your carpets, car mats, seats, headliners, dashboards, house hold items, floors, tiles, etc. is no match for these high quality units!

The Fortador Pro+ Deluxe is a diesel hybrid steam cleaner, that is powered by an incredibly high end Lamborghini burner. This allows you to pre-heat this unit in 2-6 minutes and reach a max operating temperature of 284 degrees! Pro+ has the ability to apply two different detergents with steam at the same time from up to three steam hoses. That means you can have 1-3 people using this machine at one time! With a water usage of 600 cc/min x 1 and the built in steam vacuum cleaner, you can steam wash upholstery with no need to buy an additional upholstery cleaner. Pro+ also comes with a great list of accessories (listed below), a sleek modern design, and is made of ecological and corrosion free resistant aluminum alloy. Add in the 3 year manufacturer warranty and you not only have a high-end unit, but a unit that is simply put, built to last!

Fortador Pro + Deluxe Steam Cleaner

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