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The Fortador Pro S will allow you to clean and disinfect all of your vehicle's interior and exterior surfaces, without chemicals!

Fortador company philosophy is to create effective solutions with no shortcuts. This is shown with one simple logo and word on the side of these machines, Lamborghini. The power of these super automobiles is locked into a steam cleaner, allowing you to tackle incredibly difficult cleaning jobs with ease. The key to the cleaning is in the 16 Bars or 232 PSI pressure, independent ejection of two hot detergents, joined with steam at the heart of the machine. This allows for simultaneous steam cleaning with all Fortador models. Contamination in your carpets, car mats, seats, headliners, dashboards, house hold items, floors, tiles, etc. is no match for these high quality units!

The Fortador Pro S is powered by a hybrid Lamborghini diesel engine, which gives you the ability to apply cleaning solution, with steam at the same time. Pro S comes in two great options, one with 1x Stream Gun and another with 2x Steam Guns. The section option is slightly more expensive, however it allows you to tackle various cleaning jobs using two detailers at the same time. This ultimately helps you save valuable detailing time and money! The 7-inch touchscreen display is masterfully crafted and clearly shows current fluids level (water, diesel, detergent), current pressure in the boiler, serial number, an hour meter and much more. With the operating pressure at 16 bars (235 PSI), you can reach an operating of 284 Degrees F! Check out some more of the awesome specs and accessories included with this unit below:

Fortador Pro S Deluxe Steamer

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