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The Mytee LTD5-LX Speedster Carpet Extractor makes deep cleaning your carpets extremely easy and effective! Most dirt and contamination get left behind with traditional vacuuming. The dirt and oils are often bonded to the carpet making them tough to remove, but with the Speedster, you can achieve top-notch professional cleaning results. The dual high-performance Ametek Hybrid Motor features a unique winding motion and special fan configuration that enhances water lift. The 225-250 CFM, 182" water lift maximizes dirty water recovery while minimizing dry time. All kinds of caked on dirt, grime and other contaminants will be easily released. Take a look at all of the specifications of this awesome unit below. If you are looking for a high-quality carpet extractor, the Mytee LTD5-LX Speedster Carpet Extractor is a fantastic choice!

Mytee LTD5-LX Speedster Carpet Extractor

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