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One of the biggest challenges for the detailing industry is the fact that most customers wants their car cleaned quickly but thoroughly. The Vapor Systems VX 5000 is your answer as it allows you to clean carpets, car mats, seats, headliners, dashboards, house hold items, floors, tiles and more in very little time. Best of all it completes this thorough cleaning without leaving everything soaking wet like some steamers and carpets extractors! By utilizing high-temperature steam (298 degrees at 65 PSI) and no chemicals at all, the Vapor Systems VX 5000 cleans and disinfects interior or exterior surfaces with ease. Even the most neglected surfaces will be effortlessly cleaned with the power of the Vapor Systems VX 5000! With your VX 5000, you can control the amount of steam right from your fingertips with switches, not a trigger like most steam cleaners. Simply flip the switch for a continuous blast of steam, no more holding down triggers! It is so easy to use and you'll love the results.

Vapor SystemsVX5000 Steamer with Cart

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